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Uncle Ben's tek is a budget friendly and easy way to get into mycology

This video will walk you through the process on how to inoculate your Uncle Ben's rice bags.

This is how to inoculate grain bags with or without an injection port

As you get deeper into this hobby you might want to colonize more grain at one time. A common method is to use larger bags of sterile grain and this is how to inoculate them.

So you've grown your first mushroom and now you want to clone it, here's an easy step-by-step video

Sometimes people get a little nervous about their hand placement and body positioning so here's a quick little video that you could follow whether you're working in a still air box or with a flowood.

You got some spore swabs and now you want to start them on agar, this how-to video will demonstrate three different techniques on how to get them started

Just follow along with this video and soon you'll be growing on plates in no time! Note: it may take 3 to 10 days before you start seeing noticable growth.

Okay, so you've bought some of my really awesome cultures and now you want to expand it!

This video will show you 4 different ingredients to make Liquid Culture with. Some ingredients you may already have around the house!

This is a short video on how to modify and improve your lids

If you have ever seen people modifying their lids with injection ports and syringe filters and wondered how to do it this video is for you!